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KeepSake: Let it Snow by kishaz KeepSake: Let it Snow :iconkishaz:kishaz 4 6 Keepsake: Tidal Splatter by kishaz Keepsake: Tidal Splatter :iconkishaz:kishaz 5 3
Keepsake-NNWM: Chapter 2 pt. 3
"So... Way has been in you since your birth?" The sku laquem handed a shallow wooden dish of fruit across the table to Jay.
"Sort of." Jay picked out one of the berries and studied it dubiously. It was about the size of a dollar, covered in a leathery white skin with mottled red patterns on it. "I've never really remembered him being there when I was young, but if it's been fifteen years..." Jay nodded. "Then, yeah. He's been with me all of my life." He waited for the sku laquem to eat one of the berries before he tried. It was easier than asking.
"I can't lie, you being from another world sounded impossible." The blonde picked out a berry from the bowl, peeling away the skin to reveal a juicy, bright red center. He cocked an eyebrow at Jay at his lack of eating, but popped the berry in his mouth anyway. "But," He glanced over at Jay's duffle bag, its contents now emptied on the floor, "Those are also impossible. You are strange, boy. Very strange. I must thank you for bringing Way bac
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Keepsake-NNMN: Chapter 2 pt.2
Way was the first one to wake up. Camped out on the floor with a coarsely-woven blanket, he stared at the ceiling. He watched motes drifting around, clean sunlight filtering through the organic particles. Their movements were carefree, lazy in what Way knew was an early morning. But Jay's body refused to go back to sleep, which was strange for the brunette.
But as he peered up to catch a glance of the fighter from last night, passed out on his cot, he remembered something: Zaln's days were longer than Earth's. He knit his brows, trying to figure out the translation from that, but the more he thought about it, the more similar Earth and Zaln's chronology worked. Sure, they were called different things. But an hour was sixty minutes long on Earth, and a pass was sixty stops on Zaln. A day on earth was twenty-four hours long… but Zaln was thirty-six passes long.
Ah. That was easier than he'd expected. Still- and it wasn't like he hadn't noticed it on Earth- Zaln and Earth echoed eeri
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Keepsake-NNWM: Chapter 2 pt. 1
Jay wished he could say his first traverse was a good one. He wished he could say that he floated down from the sky gracefully on an unspoken wind, taking in the exotic surroundings at his viewing pleasure. He wished he could say that his landing was soft and easy, that he landed in the arms of a strapping young man with blue eyes and a boyish smile. He wished he could say that his first impression of Zaln was a good one.
It definitely wasn't.
The wind ran through his jacket so hard it hurt, his t-shirt clinging to him as the wind pleased. He was screaming, but the air was so loud he couldn't hear it. His mind was  full of so many words and arguments that it turned to white noise. His body felt like it was floating. Some very observant part of mind had the hindsight to take in the sky, something that would later be one of his most vivid memories of the expedition. It was a dark teal canvas, pinpricks of light and clouds of nebulae mottling the sky. Two moons perched high, mak
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Keepsake-NNWM: Chapter 1 pt. 5
Jay was home by ten a.m. the next day. It was quiet upon shutting the door behind him- a cold, sterile quiet, like when a room is sparsely furnished out of fear of looking cluttered. Jay toed off his black loafers, exchanging them for whistle-clean hiking boots in the coat closet. He'd never actually used them- he was supposed to go camping with his parents last summer, but they decided to go to Florida instead. "You sure I'm gonna need these?" Jay asked, trudging up his staircase to his room. He plopped his duffle bag and shoes in the doorway, leaned his baton against the wall, and pattered back down the staircase, the plush carpeting muffling his footfalls.
"There's no knowing where we'll end up traversing to," Way replied, "we need to be prepared for the worst environment. You'll need a sturdy coat, too- maybe that sherpa-lined leather coat- in case we traverse to Ursa."
"Ursa? Like the constellation?" Jay raided his kitchen of various supplies: the two salt boxes in the spice cupbo
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Keepsake-NNWM: Chapter 1 pt. 4
Jay's eyes flicked open. His heart was pounding; even if he couldn't feel it, the vitals machine made that very clear. He swallowed, panic filling his chest cavity. He clutched at the mattress. Cold beads of sweat gathered at his forehead as he tried to push himself up with trembling arms. When he got himself sitting, he swayed back, his head hitting the wall past the headboard. Slumped against the plastic, he stared at the ceiling. His eyes were hallow. His chest rose and fell in time with the soft beeps in the background.
"That happened... didn't it? Oh God." Jay whispered to himself. "Minn tried to protect us."
"I can't say for certain, Jay. We may have been dreaming." But something in Way's voice didn't make Jay feel so assured.
"You weren't dreaming, unfortunately. It saves me from having to explain the circumstances to you; now we can get right to business." Yunn emerged from the sliding glass door, shutting the pane behind him and drawing the peach curtains. Jay saw the gesture
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Keepsake-NNWM: Chapter 1 pt. 3
The lobby was sparse now, most of the con goers fleeing to somewhere safer. Those that remained were either trying to make a break for it with injuries, and those were the people that Yunn was helping out, or they were being attacked. By what, exactly, Jay himself couldn't say exactly, but the other part of him knew very well.
"What is Malevolence?" Minn asked, her eyes darting around the chaos in front of her. The tiled floor was smeared with blood and scraps of fabric, and people's bags and belongings were scattered around the area. Better to live without your things than to have no life to enjoy them with. "Are they terrorists, like Yunn said?"
Jay took a couple steps back, his back meeting the wall. "I don't know what they are," He murmured.  At first he thought they were men- dressed in ski masks, gloves, pants- all in black. The idea that they were a terrorist group seemed the most logic explanation, despite the fact that they had no guns. He wondered how, exactly, they
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Keepsake-NNWM: Chapter 1 pt. 2
When Jay finally left the bathroom, the hallways were void of anyone, save Minn and Yunn. Minn was slumped down against the wall, fiddling with her phone. Yunn was leaning against the wall beside her, arms crossed over his chest and his head hung in deep thought. When the doorknob clicked open and revealed Jay with a hollow creak, they both looked up.
"I was debating kicking the door down to make sure you hadn't fallen down a toilet," Yunn mused, "But I see now that you were just doing your hair." He spied the comb and hairspray clutched in one of Jay's hands and snorted. "Women."
Jay opened his mouth to retort, but was interrupted by Minn. "How does it take you a half an hour to do your hair, dude? You just do the flippy thing!" She jumped to her feet, slinging her duffle bag over her shoulder and latching onto Jay's arm before bolting down the hallway, Yunn following close behind. "We have a con to get to, dude! I missed K-Jane's panel and everything!" She whined, taking the turns do
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Keepsake-NNWM: Chapter 1 pt 1
The audience around the stage was eclipsed by a curtain of blackness, ironically hidden by the lights centered on stage. It was good, because it was as if the floor had already laid out what Jay needed to focus on for three minutes and forty seconds. He pressed his toes into the glossy floorboards, energy passing up through his feet and into his chest with such a swell that the dancer almost started early. He caught himself on his toes, hoping that the movement was subtle enough to have been ignored, or that their dancing would be good enough to have people forget about it.
One-two-three-four-five-six-seven-eight-! And they were off. Arm up, circle over, turn, beg and slip-back. Lift knee, step-step arm-arm. The xylophone and bass of the obscure song fed his movements well, and his actions soon were commanded from mental instruction to emotional second nature. He fell into it like clockwork, taking the music into his bones and pouring it back out onto the stage in light footfalls, warp
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Keepsake-NNWM- Prologue pt. 2
"My, this is serious."
"It is." Raiden agreed, nodding his head. Past the security of Way's hood, salty mist speckled the Air Keeper's face. He shifted his feet on the ground, trying to put the least amount of pressure on the sea crawlers as possible, despite the fact that the slippery emerald vegetation was abundant in the crystal lit cavern. He refocused his attention to Raiden as the Fire Keeper continued, "If I could hide him, I would. But if there is a traitor in the Galatian Palace, my residence would be the first place Malevolence would look."
"And mine as well, after tearing up your temple for a boy who is not there." That fact chilled Way worse than the sea mist seeping into his robes. He watched the Water Keeper, Nadeen, as she pursed her lips at him in solemn thought. Picking at his nails, Way shook his head.
"Perhaps I should turn myself in to him," the Air Keeper protested, "You two needn't put yourselves nor your people at risk for me—"
"Way. Hush." And he did. Her v
:iconkishaz:kishaz 1 1
Keepsake-NNWM: prologue
"Every great journey is preluded by sleep."
I want you to close your eyes. Take in the vista of darkness that surrounds you, and fall into it, so you can reach out and lose your fingertips in the cold, inky setting. I want you to search. And when you have searched long enough, you will come across the crystal ripples of a far-off, moonlit ocean. Dive into it. Deep in this ocean are tiny pricks of light. And, as you travel through them, you will pass fogs of dusty color, in shades you've never imagined. Watch them as you drift past, and know that these are worlds, being born from the ash of protons and neutrons and biological miracles. Swim further.
Follow stars, follow clusters of wayward galaxies, nebulae and supernovas and hissing comets. Continue on, and know that life exists all around, even in the mute vacuums of space. Know that there are phenomena that will span far past your vision, far past your mind's comprehension. Then, grab onto a misty thread- and pull forward.
:iconkishaz:kishaz 3 3
BBS: Lost in my Namesake by kishaz BBS: Lost in my Namesake :iconkishaz:kishaz 6 1 BBS: Found our way by kishaz BBS: Found our way :iconkishaz:kishaz 13 5 Deceptive Title. by kishaz Deceptive Title. :iconkishaz:kishaz 13 13 Lol pretending to be an artist by kishaz Lol pretending to be an artist :iconkishaz:kishaz 5 10

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Tonight's segment is going to be delayed. I have about 1,000 words written, but I know if I ended it at the 600-ish, it'd stop at a really lame cliffhanger. So I'm going to squish today's and tomorrow's into one file, so we can get that whole conundrum in one set.

I don't know if I'll keep updating every two days, but it might happen for a few chapter things just so you can get it all in one shot. :'D

For now, things are going well. I'm finding the storytelling is flowing quite smoothly- I've only been stuck in one minor rut so far, and I just had to plow through it. When you're actually doing it, it's really nice to have that thought in the back of your mind going, "Just keep writing- you can figure this tedious thing out after November." So it's like a perfect justification to pump out shit.

Hahahaha. I got that one from you, Brittany. Geddonit! Luck luck luck luck!


Seventeen, ginger, female, Canada. Kingdom Hearts, Akuroku, Cosplay, fan work. Legend of Zelda, Video games, Jesse McCartney, LIFE. What else is there to say, really? --Oh wait, there's tons. Click the deviation, ladies. ;D

Current Residence: Alberta, Canada
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Personal Quote: "On dis, de day of my daughters-ZUCKERBERG"


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